About Us

We love being outside.  It’s not uncommon to find us fishing, hiking, biking, or floating down the river.  We are fortunate to be based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado where outdoor activities are abundant throughout all seasons.

We appreciate and value our customers and strive to provide high-quality products and excellent service. 

Meet the Team

Ed Leviness – Co-owner


Ed’s fishing journey began when he was 8 years old and decided to try fishing in a canal near his house in Florida.  After catching a few bass, he was hooked.  He continued his time on the water when he moved to Pennsylvania, and it was only natural to try fly fishing when he moved to Colorado.  Fly fishing became a genuine passion for Ed because it combined the enjoyment of fishing with being outdoors in the water.  In combination with being on the river, Ed started tying his own flies.  He found fly tying to be engaging and gratifying.  He would spend hours in front of a fly tying vise perfecting flies for his next fishing adventure.  He was approached by a machine shop, that made the fly tying vise that he used, to sell their vises.  Without hesitation, Ed began sharing his knowledge and selling vises to fellow anglers.  Over time, Ed expanded the shop's product offerings and grew lifelong friendships in fly fishing.  Ed finds it most rewarding to help new and experienced anglers, alike, with their fly fishing queries and determine the right gear for their fly fishing needs.  To date, Ed’s most memorable fishing adventure was in Alaska where he caught a 30-inch rainbow on the Kenai.  

Michelle Bangert – Co-owner


Michelle’s love of fishing started at a young age when she would troll for bass and walleye with her dad and grandpa in Nebraska and Kansas.  She can remember spending an entire day sitting in the boat waiting for a bite.  When not fishing in a boat, Michelle enjoyed fishing at her parents nearby bass pond.  When Michelle moved to Colorado, fly fishing was on the list of activities to try in the mountains.  Michelle found her time on the river to be peaceful and reminiscent of her childhood.  She enjoyed being outdoors and refining her casting and setting skills.  She began participating in women’s fly fishing clinics and found other newcomers that enjoyed fly fishing as much as she did.  Michelle became a promoter for newcomers in fly fishing and joined the shop in 2016.  Michelle’s most memorable fishing adventure was in North Park, Colorado where she caught 24-inch brown trout.

Tim Drummond, Guest Contributor


Tim grew up on the Front Range in Longmont, Colorado with fishing in his blood.  His Dad, a bamboo rod builder, raised Tim on the area lakes and streams.  One of his fondest memories growing up was to sit and watch his Dad at the vise, meticulously spinning works of art, it was so peaceful. Tim knew fishing was something different for him at a young age, an escape to solitude, and often found himself breaking away from normal life just to be on the water.  Tim made his way to the mountains in 2005 for good, and settled on the banks of the Eagle River where everything fly fishing was magnified.  The river was his classroom and Tim took every opportunity to harvest knowledge nature delivers.  Often bringing home jars of bugs collected from the stream bed Tim honed in on his fly tying skills and thought there was nothing cooler than catching a fish on a fly he tied himself.  Over the years Tim has developed deep relationships with people, teaching and passing knowledge, and Tim likes to say he fishes with friends, not clients.  Along with his passion of teaching, Tim wants to give people the tools for success, and has been an Umpqua Signature Fly designer for the past 5 years.  His patterns are a direct reflection of his desire to be a professional in the industry, and nothing but quality service and education for his friends is what satisfies him most.