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About Us

We love being outside.  It’s not uncommon to find us fishing, hiking, biking, or floating down the river.  We are fortunate to be based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado where outdoor activities are abundant throughout all seasons.

We appreciate and value our customers and strive to provide high-quality products and excellent service. 

Meet the Team

Ed Leviness – Co-owner

eds-fish-pic.jpgEd’s fishing journey began when he was 8 years old and decided to try fishing in a canal near his house in Florida.  After catching a few bass, he was hooked.  He continued his time on the water when he moved to Pennsylvania, and it was only natural to try fly fishing when he moved to Colorado.  Fly fishing became a genuine passion for Ed because it combined the enjoyment of fishing with being outdoors in the water.  To date, Ed’s most enjoyable fishing adventure has been to Alaska where he caught a 30-inch rainbow on the Kenai.

 Michelle Bangert – Co-owner

michelle-fish-pic.jpgMichelle’s love of fishing started at a young age when she would troll for bass and walleye  with her dad and grandpa in Nebraska and Kansas.  She can remember an entire day spent sitting in the boat waiting for a bite.  Michelle also enjoyed fishing in her parents nearby bass pond.  When Michelle moved to Colorado, fly fishing was on the list of activities to try in the mountains.  Michelle has found fly fishing to be challenging but rewarding and looks forward to perfecting her skills.  Michelle’s most memorable fishing adventure was in North Park, Colorado where she caught 24-inch brown trout.