AirFlo Super-Dri Bandit Fly Line

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The Bandit is the ultimate fly line for ultra stealthy presentations. New Zealand anglers know that stealthy presentations are of utmost importance when casting to trophy brown trout in gin clear water; that's why they took one of Airflo's Super-Dri Lines and made it their own: The Bandit An Awesome New Innovation in Fly Lines This two-tone fly line has Camo bands on the first 12 feet of the line to break up the line profile both in the air and on the water. The long rear taper makes the line incredibly stable even on the longest of casts. The color of this line is a light tan/beige color, with the 'banded section' having lines of darker brown to break up the profile.

Specifications Taper:

WF Length: 90 feet (Tip: 0.5 feet.

Front: 6 feet. Belly: 24 feet.

Rear: 20 feet. Running 39.5 feet.)

Core: Power Core

Coating: Super-Dri Ridged

* Note the line size in the picture is just to show you the line. *