Fly Tying Night at Townies

Posted by Ed's Fly Shop on 5th Feb 2018

Ed’s Fly Shop is hosting another Fly Tying Night at Townies. Fly Tying Night will be Wednesday, February 21st at 6:00 PM at Townies. Michael Turner, local Steamboat Springs fly tier, will be tying so … read more

Casting Tips

Posted by Ed's Fly Shop on 2nd Feb 2018

Aim the rod tip and the fly line will follow. The rod tip generally follows the thumb. Keep your thumb on top of the rod and pointed at your target, and your cast will go where intended.  … read more

Winter Fly Fishing Tips

Posted by Ed's Fly Shop on 2nd Feb 2018

As the weather and water gets colder, trout don’t move all that much, and they’re close to the bottom. Focus your efforts on nymphing in deep water, slowly. Just because it’s cold and winter, you don’ … read more

Douglas Fly Rods

Posted by Ed's Fly Shop on 1st Feb 2018

We're excited to announce the addition of Douglas Fly Rods to Ed's Fly Shop.  We've been hearing about the Douglas SKY rod, and its recent win in the George Anderson’s Yellowstone Angler 6 w … read more

Abel & Ross Reels Tour

Posted by Ed's Fly Shop on 30th Jan 2018

Michelle, Ed's Fly Shop Co-Owner, was fortunate to receive an Abel Limited Edition Johnny Cash Fly Reel for Christmas. She's still deciding whether to leave it on the mantle or take it on the water. … read more