Douglas Upstream PLUS Fly Rod Series

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The Upstream Plus is a special rod. It’s a little bit like the story of Goldy Lochs and the Three Bears. There are a lot of rods out there that are fast, ultra fast, mega fast, etc. With the renewed interest in fiberglass we also see rods that flex into the cork when casting. There are not as many rods that are right in the middle, just right. If you need to protect light tippet, if you know you don’t need to cast the whole line, if you’re fishing to spooky trout where delicacy is a must, you’ll also need a rod that helps you out with those things, not one you’re fighting with all day.

The Upstream Plus picks up where the Upstream leaves off. It gives the angler a nice up-locking reel seat to make sure that your reel stays put when fighting larger fish or during a long day on the water and, most importantly, a slightly faster action that makes the Upstream Plus a great choice for people who want enough muscle to land the fish of a lifetime and enough finesse to use the tippet and flies required in tough, technical situations.