Our 8 week fly tying demos start on March 9th.  Here's our list of tyers.  The event starts at 6PM.  Hope you can make it out.


3/9 Joel Evans
3/16 Brandon Van Nooten
3/23 Robert Kato
3/30 Bill Frangos
4/6 Adam Parrot
4/13 Dan Weyers
4/20 John Fisher
4/27 Jacob Powell










Focusing on LIFE STAGES of trout insects


Joel Evans, instructor


Ed’s Fly Shop, Montrose

2 nights, Thursday, February 23 & March 2, 6-8:00





ü A Specific Pattern for each Life Stage


ü Larvae (Nymph), Pupa (Emerger), Adult


ü Tying steps, Life cycle education, Fishing techniques


ü Tuition is $100, limited to 6 students


ü Tyers should have basic tying skills (hook, thread, dubbing, proportions, hackle, stacking, whip finish)


ü  Tools & Materials provided, or bring your own tools

Call the shop or stop in if interested.

Cost: $100




Beginner Fly Tying Class - We have are second class of the season starting January 10th 2023.  This is a four week class will meet on Tuesday nights for 4 weeks. The class goes from 6-8 PM.  This class will be taught by Bill Frangos.  

Our Beginner Fly Tying class at Ed's Fly Shop is designed for the beginner fly-tier looking to tie their own flies. Bill Frangos will teach you how to tie nymphs, dry flies, and streamers. In addition to tying flies. You will learn about the tools and materials.  No experience is necessary to join us for our beginner class and our intention is that you will walk away from the class with the knowledge and experience required to tie basic fly patterns. 

  • All materials, vise, and tools will be provided for students to use. If you have your own vise and tools, feel free to bring them to the class.
  • Each session will cover several fly patterns and the surrounding techniques to tie them. We’ve carefully chosen a set of trout-specific fly patterns that will help you understand a range of fundamental fly tying techniques.
  • You will learn the basic fly tying techniques necessary to tie nymphs, dry flies, and streamers.
  • Bill will explain, in detail, the basic tools used in the tying process. He’ll also touch on setting up your fly tying space.
  • You will learn and practice the elements of proportioning a fly with various materials, so that the finished fly looks and acts appropriately on the water.
  • We will explore a variety of the materials that we stock in our fly shop, so that you become familiar with how they're used.
  • The class will include tips and tricks that will make the fly-tying process exponentially more enjoyable.
  • You will leave the class equipped with the fundamental skills needed to expand your tying.

Call the shop or stop in if interested.

Cost: $125