Fish Skull Fish-Mask - Fly Tying

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An Amazon error was received while sending product data for SKU "FS-FM": The Message/Product/DescriptionData/Description field contains an invalid value: The Fish-Skull Fish-Mask is an ultra-lightweight Fish-Skull designed for tying weightless streamers that suspend in the water column. It has a realistic baitfish head profile that includes recessed eye sockets that secure and protect the fish eyes. Molded from a crystal clear, fluoro-epoxy material, the Fish-Mask takes on the colors of the body materials used on the fly.The Fish-Mask_ with its front fitting technique is quick-and-easy to tie with, and offers a simple, effective alternative to using 5-minute or light-hardening epoxies to create streamer heads.

Key Features:

  • A weightless version of the Fish-Skull.
  • Realistic, baitfish profile.
  • Perfect for suspending baitfish patterns.
  • Equivalent of a pre-molded epoxy head.
  • Clear, transparent color. Recessed eye sockets.
  • Consistent size, shape and weight.
  • Eight head sizes corresponding to the range of Living Eyes_ (3mm-15mm).
  • Tie any streamer size from a #10 up to 8/0 hook size! Quick-and-easy, front-fitting tying technique.
  • Easily combined with articulated shanks.
  • No mess! If you are unable to resolve this error, please contact Amazon Seller Support for proper resolution and provide this feed ID: 328840016924.