Fishing Reports

Fishing Conditions of Local Water Around My Shop!


GUNNISON RIVER (Upstream of Pleasure Park)


This particular section of Gunnison River consists of a tailwater fishery out of Crystal Dam, which is a part of Black Canyon National Park near Montrose, Colorado.  Base flows of recent years have been between 325 cfs up to 5000 cfs.  It is technically a tail water, however it fishes like a freestone river with prolific hatches of multiple aquatic insects.  Popular hatches include Salmon Fly (Pteronarcys), Yellow Sally, Caddis, Pale Morning Dun, and Blue Winged Olive along with terrestrials.  Since it is a tailwater, it is fishable year round. 


Current Condition: Flow has dropped to 340 cfs out of Crystal dam.  Fish has settle in winter holding such as slower deep runs and seams of slower riffles.  Eggs as an attractor has been good, trailing size 20, 22 down below has been working. 

Recommended Gear:  5wt/6wt rod,  


Fly Selection: Eggs 6mm orange/pink/chartreuse, Olive Perdigon #18-#20, black midge #20, Stalcup's baetis #22, juju baetis #22, split back slim shady BWO #22, Olive Wooly Bugger


GUNNISON RIVER (downstream of Pleasure Park)


This section of the Gunnison River is downstream of the confluence between the main stem of the Gunnison and the North Fork of the Gunnison River.  It can be fished by walk-wading as well as on a comfortable drift boat/ raft.  This section can be a bit more touchy as far as the flow goes because of the North Fork.  When North Fork is in high water, usually caused by runoff or rain storms, it dumps dirty water to the Gunnison River and could cause fishing to slow down.  As far as hatches go, it is very similar to the Upstream section.  


Current Condition: Flow out of the main stem has dropped to 340cfs and 100 cfs out of the North Fork.  Fish has settled to winter holding to slower riffle and deeper runs.  Float fishing on some of the warmer days can be very productive as well as posting up in a holding water.  Eggs as an attractor trailing size 20s, 22s behind it has been the ticket.  


Recommended Gear:  9ft to 9.5ft 5wt, 6wt rod.  


Fly Selection:  Quill body Perdigon #20, eggs 6mm opaque peach, black midge #20, stalcups baetis #22, split back slim shady BWO #22, Juju baetis #22


Uncompahgre River (Through Montrose)


The Uncompahgre River through the town of Montrose is fishable all year round except during runoff.  The runoff on this river is caused by the Cow Creek upstream.  Between April and October, it is the high water season, which is caused by the canal connecting the Gunnison River and the Uncompahgre River to provide enough water for the farmers downstream for their crops.  During the high water season, fish can be caught in slow eddies.  During the low water season, fish can be caught in slow riffles and cut banks.  The river holds a healthy population of brown trout and rainbow trout with chances of hooking into a fish of a lifetime.  


Current Condition:  Water has cleared up enough to provide better fishing throughout town.  Flow has dropped to winter flow.  Wading is a lot easier and will stay that way till April.  Fishing a deeper hole or deep cut banks from inside of the bend should produce.  Dry dropper is still doing well, however, light nymph rig may not be a bad idea as well.  

Recommended Gear:  5wt rod


Fly Selection:  Chubby #6-10, Duracell(pink bead) #14-#18, Spanish Bullet #16-18, Micro May Fly #18-#20, quill body perdigon #20


Updated 12/15/2022