Frog Hair Tippet 100m Guide Spool - Fly Fishing

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Frog Hair Tippet and Leader material is superior because our material is subjected to GAMMA's propriety process.

The process produces a material that offers exacting tolerances, super high tensile and knot strength and up to two times the suppleness and shock resistance compared to all other brands of tippets and leaders.

For the angler, Frog Hair provides a more natural presentation with more hook-ups and a line that generates maximum fish fighting capabilities.

Frog Hair Products are truly your new, competitive advantage.

Code Break Strength Diameter Length Test Size FFHGS-10 15.0 lb (6.8 kg) 0.011 109.4 yds (100 M) 0X FFHGS-11 13.1 lb (5.95 kg) 0.010 109.4 yds (100 M) 1X FFHGS-12 11.1 lb (5.05 kg) 0.009 109.4 yds (100 M) 2X FFHGS-13 8.5 lb (3.9 kg) 0.008 109.4 yds (100 M) 3X FFHGS-14 6.2 lb (2.82 kg) 0.007 109.4 yds (100 M) 4X FFHGS-15 4.9 lb (2.23 kg) 0.006 109.4 yds (100 M) 5X FFHGS-16 2.2 lb (1.0 kg) 0.004 109.4 yds (100 M) 6X

The picture is for visual purposes. You get one spool of tippet.