Hala Peno Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard

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River Surfer / Park & Play Surfboard

611 x 32 x DoubleStack 3+ 3

The 2017 Peo has been completely recreated to be the best park and play inflatable on the market. Whether its a long, fast wave or a steep, thrashy hole, the Peo will dominate like no other freestyle surfer.

With design inspiration from new school river SUPs and a playboat kayak, the Hala Peo has a tip-to- tail full rocker that keeps the nose from pearling while surfing and is the only high volume inflatable river surfer that also supplies 3 low volume rails with our patent-pending DoubleStack construction. Ride the thinnest railed inflatable that will carve, perform and freestyle like a hardboard.

  • New For 2017
  • Core Construction
  • Patent-Pending DoubleStack Construction
  • Full Rocker
  • Responsive Board Shape
  • Squaretail
  • Diamond Groove 4mm EVA Deck Pad
  • 1.5 Raised Stomp Pad
  • 5 Removable Gummy Site Bite Click Fins
  • Backcountry Rolling Backpack
  • Industry-leading 3 Year Warranty