Hala Rival Straight Up Paddle Board Inflatable SUP

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Pack a lunch and tour out to the perfect picnic spot. Test out your skills in ocean surfing or a downriver descent. No matter what the day brings, the Rival Straight Up has got your back. Head directly from your door and to the water with our straight-to-water package, which gives you all the essentials to get started, including our Rival aluminum paddle. This smaller, all-around board is a playful design that will bring you loads of fun in any environment, straightup. + Fusion Construction + All-Around Board Shape + Progressive Rocker + 8 D-Ring Rigging Points + Croc Skin EVA Deck Pad + 1.5” Raised Stomp Pad + 2 Fixed, Unbreakable, Side Fins + One 8” Center Flex Fin + Floating Oval-Shaft Aluminum Travel Paddle Included + Travel-tough Rolling Backpack + Industry leading 3-Year Warranty Based off our best selling Classic Straight Up board, this all-around board is aimed towards new SUP adventurers. The progressive rocker creates a fun ride on any water. And being a tad narrower and shorter than the Rival Hoss, the smaller board size of the Rival Straight Up is ideal for those looking for a faster ride and more maneuverable board. It is also optimal for our smaller all-around riders. Fusion Construction makes this board extremely lightweight, durable, and easy to transport. And we take the preparation work out of it, offering our Fusion Construction boards in a straight-to-water package. Grab the Rival Straight Up and get on the water. * Fusion Construction Fusion Bi-Layer Drop Stitch™ brings precision and efficiency to this construction. With it, we are able to use less material overall while utilizing a new manufacturing technology that maintains overall durability. Think lean and mean yet lightweight. Learn more about Hala’s board construction.