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Heavy, hot fishing vests are a thing of the past. Lanyards offer the lightest, most efficient way to carry fishing tools and equipment onstream.

Mountain River Lanyards offers a complete range of hand-crafted fly fishing lanyards andaccessories, designed and built in the U.S.A. by people who work and play in the great outdoors.

Every one of our lanyards is totally functional, fully adjustable and created with safety and comfort in mind. Basic features include an adjustable cordlock, padded neck rolls, quick release for safety and front shirt clip to prevent swing.

Add to these custom beadwork, accessories and a variety of clips and holders and you have a perfect way to keep all of your important tools at your fingertips.

Try a lanyard and free yourself from The Vest - you won't believe that you've done without one for so long.

Custom beadwork, horizontal tippet holder, four accessory clips, floatant caddy, and trout print chamois as our popular Guide lanyard. The difference is it comes pre-loaded with some of the best accessories available: a Rising Nippa', an Angler's Accessories smooth jaw forcep, a 1-oz.

bottle of Gehrke's Gink, and three spools of Umpqua tippet material (4X, 5X & 6X wts).