Peak Vise Trailhead Package - Fly Tying

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Here's a package that will set you up to tie for a lifetime, complete in a single box.

The PEAK Trailhead Package is built around our immensely popular PEAK Rotary Vise.

Available with either the Pedestal base, or C-Clamp mount.

In addition you get all the tools you need to begin tying, PEAK's Ritt Pick-N-Brush combination tool, PEAK's Hex Stacker, scissors, whip finisher, bobbin, hackle plier, and threader.

To keep your workspace organized you get PEAK's Desk Top Organizer. And to help you get aquainted with the advantages of rotary tying, PEAK's Rotary Tying Techniques DVD.

Learn how to tie a Woolly Bugger, Griffith's Gnat, Rusty Spinner, Copper John, Dubbing Loop Leach, and Adams. Each fly will show you different techniques available to you using your PEAK Rotary Vise.

Great package for gift shoppers, beginning tiers, to go with a class, or for anyone wanting to upgrade their tying vise and tools.

Choose a pedestal base with a rounded pocket or C'clamp mount for a table edge up to 2 ¼" to 11/16".

Lifetime warranty against defects in material or workmanship