Petitjean CDC Feathers 1 Gram Bags

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Characteristics of CDC (Croupin de Canard)

Material flexible and light.

Solid fibers, resistant.

Unlike many materials (rooster hackle for example), you can cut CDC feathers without damaging any of their properties.

Semi-translucent material: the CDC flies are less opaque than other artificial assembled with materials that do not let the light through.

Material highly aerodynamic. Thanks to its flexibility, the CDC is deformed during the launch, recovering its original shape when landing. It also acts as a parachute, making the most delicate landings, without twisting the nylon tip. Material highly hydrodynamic under water as in air, the CDC is deformed.

Each fiber vibrates and gives a pulsatile fly, who "lives" and comes alive in the slightest movement.

The flexibility of CDC allows a rejection of the fly slower during the fish attack, especially important for fishing nymphs and streamers.

Warning: Colors #1 to #6 and #8 to #16 feather lengh: 3 to 6 cm; color #7: 1.5 to 3.5 cm