Regal Big Game Head Revolution and C-clamp Tying Vise

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REGAL "REVOLUTION" TRUE-ROTARY C-CLAMP VISE This is a true center spin, free spinning vise. Incorporates a barrel housing with dual stainless-steel self-lubricating ball-bearings on a black oxidized shaft. Tension-knob allows you to adjust the rotary head anywhere between free spin and fully locked. I recommend purchasing the Regal Bobbin Holder with this vise to realize its full TRUE ROTARY tying capabilities. NOTE: Traditional and Big Game Jaws are anodized Black, Stainless-Steel Jaws are anodized Blue.

The REGAL REVOLUTION VISE is the most versatile and elegant vise ever produced.

The REVOLUTION VISE combines the ultimate hook holding power of our famous head design, and true in-line rotary function.

You can rotate the vise for winding materials on the hook, or tighten the barrel and wrap materials in the traditional method.

All REVOLUTION VISES are true in line rotary revolving around a 360' axis and articulating 220' up and down.

This vise is available with many head and base options.