Regal Hook Jaw Head Revolution and Bronze Pocket Base Tying Vise

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Hook Jaw by Regal Vise

  • Tying emergers, perdigons, euro-nymphing jigs, and chrono-midges?
  • Using a lot of small, curved hooks?
  • Looking for greater access towards the bend of the hook?
  • Snagging thread on the hook point?
  • Sick of repositioning your hook several times to tie one fly?

The all-newHook Jaw by Regal Visewas designed for you in mind! The brand-new jaw is for the perfectionist tyer that loves those small, intricate patterns. The cut-out, hook-style design allows for greater access to tie down at the bend of the shank without needing to reposition your hook. Of course, you can position your hook in class Regal-fashion; however, we added more material to the tip of these jaws so you can keep the hook point in the jaws itself! No more snagging! This new jaw will make tying a breeze without sacrificing any of that Regal Vise Bulldog Bite.