Regal Revolution Monster Head and C-clamp Tying Vise

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The Regal® Revolution Series Monster Head/C-Clamp is one of the most versatile and elegant vise ever produced. It is featured here with the C-Clamp for mounting the vise firmly on a table or tying station.

The REVOLUTION VISE combines the ultimate hook holding power of thier famous head design, and true in-line rotary function. You can rotate the vise for winding materials on the hook, or tighten the barrel and wrap materials in the traditional method. All REVOLUTION VISES are true in line rotary revolving around a 360° axis and articulating 220° up and down. This vise is available with many head and base options.

So you need to tie on some really humongous HOOKS? Look no further than our MONSTER. The MONSTER features deeper hook grooves and thirty thousandths of an inch is milled out from between the jaws. These are great for Salt Water, Predator Flies, Huge Bass bugs, Atlantic salmon hooks or any huge irons. Holds 1/0 to 8/0 (Dependent on hook wire diameter)

This vise is available with many head and base options.