Regal Vise Scrap Trap - Fly Tying

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It's the little things that make the difference. Regal Vise takes the customisation of the vise seriously, as well as making them so that they can stand the test of time. That's why such a wide range of accessories and spare parts, to guarantee the best possible experience to the most demanding fly tier

The Regal Scrap Trap is an elegant and useful tool, it was the only significant accessory that was missing from the vast Regal catalog, embellished with the Regal Bulldog Bite logo patch. Useful for collecting materials waste and keeping the workspace on the fly tying bench clean and well-ordered. The idea of connecting the Regal Scrap Trap to the vise stem by means of a small magnet is brilliant. This makes it possible to empty it quickly and frequently, without un-mounting or moving the vise. It can be used with all vise such as the Regal Medallion Vise, Regal Revolution Vise, Regal Travel Vise, Regal Inex Vise.