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An Amazon error was received while sending product data for SKU "Rio-Gold-FL": The Message/Product/DescriptionData/Description field contains an invalid value: RIO Grand Fly Line is one half size heavier than the AFTMA standard and features more weight distributed toward the front of the line to easily load today's fast action fly rods.

RIOs AgentX Technology gives the RIO Grand maximum floatation and the XS Technology produces a wonderfully slick, dirt-repelling finish for easy distance.

The line is built on a braided multifilament core that ensures the line remains supple in coldwater conditions.

The Super Floatation Tip ensures the line tip doesn't sink and features a welded loop for changing leaders, which can be cut off without compromising the lines performance.

RIO Grand has a light yellow color running line to easily determine the loading point of the line, and a welded loop on the back end to make light work of rigging.

We stock this weight forward floating line in weights WF4F through WF8F.

Specifications of the line are provided in the table below.

RIO Grand Fly Line SpecificationsLineSizeRunningLine LengthRear TaperLengthBodyLengthBody 2LengthFront TaperLengthTipLengthTotal HeadLengthHeadWeight30 FtWeightTotalLengthTensileStrengthWF4F53.0 ft.5.5 ft.18.0 ft.7.0 ft.6.0 ft.0.5 ft.37.0 ft.163 gr.133 gr.90.0 ft.15.0 lb.WF5F52.0 ft.6.0 ft.18.0 ft.7.0 ft.6.5 ft.0.5 ft.38.0 ft.190 gr.155 gr.90.0 ft.20.0 lb.WF6F60.0 ft.6.5 ft.19.0 ft.7.0 ft.7.0 ft.0.5 ft.40.2 ft.230 gr.178 gr.100.0 ft.20.0 lb.WF7F57.0 ft.7.0 ft.21.0 ft.7.0 ft.7.5 ft.0.5 ft. If you are unable to resolve this error, please contact Amazon Seller Support for proper resolution and provide this feed ID: 329023016924.