Smhaen Large Green Half Hitch Tool with Built in Cutter

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Smhaen Half Hitch Tool with built in thread cutter end. Comes in three sizes midge, regular, and large.

The SMHAEN half hitch tool is currently the only half hitch tool in the world with an extremely functional, integrated and replaceable cutter. For both beginners and professional fly tyers, the half hitch tool provides a fast, easy way to lock the thread and cut it when finishing. The half hitch tool provides maximum, easy thread control because of the large ergonomic diameter.

For safety and protective reasons, the cutter is integrated in the tool. The cutter can be pushed out via the colored button placed in the middle of the tool. The cutter is a spring affected cutter, which means that it automatically springs back into the tool so the sharpness is protected as long as possible. If the cutter becomes worn after many flies, it can be replaced. It is possible to buy the cutter separately as a spare part. Those fly tyers who have tried and tested the tool have been very enthusiastic about SMHAEN´s half hitch tool.


  • 27 gram.
  • 121 mm
  • Hook size approx. #4/0 to #10
  • Hole diameter. ø3.6 mm