Spiffy Dog Collar | Blue Orange

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The Air Collar is made of a lightweight, breathable mesh commonly used in running shoes.

  • Your dog swims?-The Air Collar Dries Quickly.
  • Your dog's collar stinks?-The Air Collar Breathes and does not retain odor as easily as webbing or leather and is washable. Your dog has skin allergies, hot spots or other irritations?-The Air Collar is so lightweight and breathable that it will not cause or exacerbate irritations. You want your dog to look cool?-The Air Collar comes in many fun, cool and original patterns so your dog will truly be a "Spiffy Dog"!


The best way to determine collar size is to use a string & wrap it around the dog's neck. Hold snug but not tight (you should be able to slip 2 fingers in between the string and the dog's neck). Mark with your finger or marker, then lay string next to measuring tape. Always round up to nearest inch.

To further help you determine collar size, see weight guide below:

Collar Size Chart Small 10"- 15" (15-35 lbs.) Medium 13" - 20" (30-65 lbs.) Large 16" - 26" (60-120 lbs.)

Note: If your dog falls in the crossover weight (i.e. 60-65 lbs.) the correct collar size will be best determined by following the steps above to measure your dog's neck.