The Handi-Measure for Fly Fishing Net

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The Handi-Measure is a net handle tape measure designed to conveniently measure fish in a landing net.

Stored out of the way on the net handle, it's always ready to use and makes the measuring process efficient for both anglers and their fish.

The Handi-Measure? attaches with an adjustable strap design and fits all net handles.

Its retractable soft tape safely measures fish up to 36 inches (90 centimeters) and is 100% freshwater rust proof.

The tape measure also swivels for off-net use so that the angler can measure another angler's fish.

The Handi-Measure?will enable the angler to measure fish safely without removing them from the water.

Fish can be measured by cradling them underneath the net while they are submerged, thus reducing stress and handling.

Fish that are longer than the landing net can also be measured in the same manner.

With the measure anchored to the net handle, measuring a fish can be accomplished by the solo angler without the need for assistance.

With the measure conveniently stored on the net handle, it eliminates the need to carry a measuring device in already crowded vest pockets.

Made in USA.