Umpqua Fly Fishing Trout Tapered 3 Pack 7.5' Leader - Fly Fishing

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Umpqua Fly Fishing Trout Tapered 3 Pack 7.5' Leader - Fly Fishing

Product Description


These Trout leaders feature exclusive taper designs. For close to twenty years these leader formulas have ensured a perfect blend of power and delicacy.

Umpqua's nylon tapers are precision extruded from the same co-polymers as Umpqua Nylon Tippet and are manufactured in the most technologically advanced factories in the world with the most stringent quality controls.

Olive-tinted for low visibility, these taper designs are unique and exclusive to Umpqua.

Whether dead-drifting small dries or splashing big hoppers at the bank, Umpqua has just the perfect leader for the task.

All leaders are knotless and include looped butt sections.

Features: Olive-tinted for low visibilityPre-Looped for quick connectionPerfect taper designs for Trout fishingPrecision extruded co-polymer nylonTaper design exclusive to Umpqua. Product DescriptionSize0X1X2X3X4X5X6X7XButt Diameter. Diameter. Lbs14 lb12 lb10 lb8.5 lb6 lb5 lb3.5 lb2.5 lb

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