Umpqua Rockies Trout Fly Selection with UPG Fly Box

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Umpqua Rocky Mountain Fly Selection. A great fly selection that will get you on just about any river in the Rocky Mountain West in style. Features a wide variety of popular attractor and match-the-hatch flies like Kaufmann's Stimulators, Barr's Copper Johns, Mercer's Micro Stone, and terrestrials like Dave's Hopper and the Parachute Hopper. All of these great flies are pre- loaded into the award-winning medium UPG Professional Guide fly box that is a $35 value by itself. An excellent value! The Umpqua Northern Rockies Trout Guide Fly Selection includes the following patterns: E-Z Caddis Lawson's Olive Size 16 (2 ea.)Turk's Tarantula, Brown Size 8 (2 ea.)Stimulator Royal, Kaufmann Size 14 (2 ea.) Stimulator Yellow, Kaufmann Size 14 (2 ea.)Parachute Adams Size 14 (2 ea.)Parachute Adams Size 16 (2 ea.)Royal Wulff Size 14 (2 ea.) GB Flashback Caddis Hare's Ear Size 16 (2 ea.)Madam X Size 10 (2 ea.)Barr's Copper John GB Copper Size 14 (2 ea.)Barr's Copper John GB Copper Size 16 (2 ea.)GB Prince Nymph Size 12 (2 ea.) GB Prince Nymph Size 14 (2 ea.) Mercer's Poxyback PMD Size 16 (2 ea.)GB Pheasant Tail Size 16 (2 ea.)GB Pheasant Tail Size 18 (2 ea.) Mercer's Copper Bead Micro Sone LT Size 14 (2 ea.)GB Epoxy Stone Gold Size 12 (2 ea.) Matthew's X Caddis, Tan Size 16 (2 ea.)Lawson's Thorax, PMD Size 16 (2 ea.)Parachute Hopper, Tan Size 10 (2 ea.) Dave's Hopper Size 10 (2 ea.) Lawson's Cripple Dun, PMD Size 16 (2 ea.)Parachute LT Orange Size 16 (2 ea.) Kaufmann's GB Mini Stone Black Size 8 (2 ea.)